2013 Schedule
Marion County Crusaders
Regular Season
Lake County
West Central Wildcats
@ Midstate
Post Season
7:30PM, $10, 13 and Under Free
Wins Losses % Last Game Streak PF PA
8 1 0.889 Lost 1 244 94
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SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM!!!! The Generals find a way to NOT get it done and lose to the Mustangs 19 - 7.

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True Champions

"Champions Are Not Made In The Ring...They Are Crowned There!" Let me expound on that.

Jerry Rice is my all-time favorite football player. Like Tom Brady or Russell Wilson the NFL took all the wrong measurements when assessing whether those players could be great. But Jerry simply boiled his success down to being the best trained athlete on the field. He trained to be a champion.

You are a champion waiting to happen when
  1. You daydream about how you can get better at your position.
  2. You plan your activities around doing the things that will get you in better shape and those things that can help you get better at your position.
  3. You recognize that saying you want to be a champion does not mean a thing. You MUST train like a champion.
  4. You laugh in the face of superstitious rituals. Nothing wrong with them but they actually don't determine the outcome of your individual performance.
  5. Your family and friends think that you are getting paid to play the game because it is that serious to you.
  6. You welcome playing with guys who could move you down on the depth chart because you want a real reason to keep pushing.
  7. Your family knows that they are number one in your life and they always feel taken care of because you think long and hard about how to take care of the business of life while taking care of the business of winning. You don't actually have to have a family to take care of the business of life.
  8. Missing a workout is a big event to you because your competition is NOT be missing theirs. Complacency never takes a day off. That is your biggest competition.

In 2010 I battled age and "The Playmaker" (Monsanto "June" Love) for the starting free safety spot. I'm being kind to myself because maybe the competition wasn't as close as I'd like to think. I missed three practices that season. Twice because I had an excruciatingly painful stinger and knew I'd still practice if I went to practice. The third time was when my daughter had a band recital on a Thursday. Guess how many practices "The Playmaker" missed. I recall him missing one practice. Maybe he missed more but I always thought it was cool when the strong safety wasn't there because I could go head to head with my competition. Kinda, sorta, anyway. I'd play strong and he'd play free most of the time. What I can tell you is that we both knew that we could not miss practice because that was where we would bring everything we were individually into collectively building a championship team. Trust me when I say that the 2010 Generals took nothing for granted. We quickly put the last big victory behind us and looked for ways to improve.

Generals! The weather is not breaking. The weather broke on January 1, 2013. Champions don't let Mother Nature dictate when the time to ramp it up will be. The time is nigh (individually at least).

I played with a lot of guys and saw many a man almost come to tears talking about how badly they wanted a ring. Unfortunately their refusal to prepare their bodies for battle left their words to fall on deaf ears. And if you are a player who is lucky enough to play on a championship team without individually paying your championship dues know that you are no champion at all. Champions win long before the game starts!!!!!!

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